Written by Jacob Ibrag

I can’t help but that think

that in some alternate universe,

we’re making love under the fourth

of July fireworks for the fifth time

in the six years that we’ve known

one another. Not a force to reckon

with our collaboration. No obstacles

to rip us  apart from each others

embrace. You’re my religion, and

I’m praying that I get to stay a little

longer in this made up place.

Photographer Unknown

17 comments on “Religion

  1. I love the reflective quality here with the bittersweet memories~JEC~And the colors it brings to my mind as I read it. The senses are apparent!

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  2. This is too beautiful. Love is the best religion ever. Amazing piece

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  3. thesmilingpilgrim

    Powerful writing!

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  4. More than what meets the eye! I just love the way very less words have been used to describe so much! Love is indeed a Religion, and So is Peace, Respect and Science; and LOVE binds them all!

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  5. Love is but not love making I guess

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  7. this is beautiful and the photo makes it even more evocative

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  8. This is absolutely beautiful… Really got me thinking. Love this so much

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  10. I’m so amazed……. *_*

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