Written by Jacob Ibrag

You really think we’re born with a clean slate?

I won’t argue, just define that word for me please.

We come carrying baggage of all the lives our souls

have ever touched in the past. We bare it all, our backs

curling over from the weight. Then it happens again, like

a bad dream that won’t end. A beginning all too familiar.

Opportunity. It’s a chance to rise above the six feet we’ve

placed ourselves under time and time again. You can either

roll around in your grave as the world forever rotates or

accept this simple reality. This will be your thirteen chance,

 you’ve been avoiding it. The shovel you reap marrying the

mass of all the choices you’ve ever made. Dig towards

salvation or sleep again till you next wake.

Photographer Unknown


13 comments on “Dig

  1. This remind me a little of Mitch Albom’s book, The Five People You Meet in Heaven.

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  2. You have presented it very well!

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  3. Salvation is final destination but unfortunately very few can even think over it

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  4. Bad Wolf

    Intelligent and well presented.

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  5. latenightthoughtsanonymus

    genius thoughts

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  6. “It’s a chance to rise above the six feet we’ve placed ourselves”, profound words. Glad to have found your blog.

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