Long Live Us

Written by Jacob Ibrag

I’m resting on your shoulder, wondering

how this will end. Will we paint each other

with regret? Lines have been crossed, there’s

no going back. You’ve seen a side of me no

one has ever witnessed. Will you cherish it,

or see me as another notch in your belt? In

this moment, we’re one in the same. You are

my king, and I am your queen. Long live

us, till one of us wakes up.

Photographer Unknown


15 comments on “Long Live Us

  1. dreamschanges


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  2. ericstone51

    Relationships, as in life, we all enter the waters not contemplating the ending, but the ending always comes. Always.

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  3. Don’t show all your cards

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  4. The picture and the prose reminds me of mine and Paul’s relationship when we first started. There truly is no turning back.

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  5. Wanna be your King😀

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  6. Great capture of the mystery of beginnings … curious if poem went looking for image or if image inspired poem? They work beautifully together.

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  7. Another notch in your belt – nice one 🙂
    I love the photographs you chose 🙂

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  8. I lovingly hate dreams… because they end when we wake up….

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