Written by Jacob Ibrag

Each day escapes him, lips untouched

by her kiss. He tours through the alley

way, praying for an accident. ‘Take me

out of this existence, transplant my soul

within her distance.’ Provoking the walls

with bloody punches, begging to crumble.

He wallows into his apartment, frustrated.

Knowing she’s on the plane that carries

her further away from his cold body.

Replaying voicemail’s, staring at empty

photo frames. What was, what could’ve

been. He let her go, she wanted to

stay. ‘I pushed her heart away.’

Art by Michal Macku


27 comments on “Away

  1. The words and picture !! 🙂

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  2. The picture said it all.

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  3. Well, I can say this certainly spoke to me. It’s sad because sometimes no matter how deeply you love or how devoted you are, it’s just not enough. Thank goodness for hope. 🙂

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  4. thesmilingpilgrim

    Some very great writing 🙂

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  5. Wonderful… And the picture is amazing

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  6. wow.. best piece of poetry i’ve read in a long time!

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  7. thefeatheredsleep

    gosh I really, really love this one

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  8. z3ng33kgr7


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  9. I wish I could write something like this.

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  10. Wow awesome!

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