Story Seeds


Written by Jacob Ibrag

Taking in a deep breath, he slowly woke from another dreamless

night. Remaining flat on his back, he stared at a smiling cloud and

reciprocated. This place didn’t feel familiar and yet he felt right at

home. Sailing had been in his blood for generations, it only made

sense that the calm followed him whenever he touched water.

Getting up on his rested feet and standing firmly upon the canoe,

he was dumbfounded. Somehow, the water had turned into a broken

sea of mirrors in every direction. Clenching his eyes shut and

pinching himself, he wanted to make sure he wasn’t still sleeping.

As the canoe drifted forward, the glass below continued to shatter

until he had finally reached land. Seeing a woman in the distance,

he ran towards her to ask about the place. All of his years in the

water, he had never heard of an island surrounded by mirrors.

Before he could say a word, she held up the universal hand sign

for stop, ‘you aren’t supposed to be here! Turn your boat around

and leave while it’s still allowed.’ Confused by her temperament,

he needed to ask, ‘where in God’s green Earth are we? What is

this place?’ Taking a few precautionary steps back, she

whispered, ‘what the hell is Earth?’

Photography by Erik Johansson

43 comments on “Mirrors

  1. creates a fascinating image – and the picture to go with the story is lovely. 🙂

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  2. Margaret Baker

    You are a brilliant writer.

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  3. Its on moon ?

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  4. wow, profound! if I close my eyes tight enough I can almost see what you’re writing about. good job!

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  5. Loved this, as usual.

    Photographer is Erik Johansson.

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  6. I’ve been following you for a couple of weeks, and I know there’s something good to read when your name pops up on my Reader. Loved it as usual.

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  7. Hello there! Just stopping by to say I really love your writing – it moves me in ways I cannot fathom and I’m in awe that you are able to put such profound thoughts into words. If you have the time, it would be immensely helpful if you could check out my poetry blog: and my prose blog: Would love to get some comments/feedback from you on my latest posts on both blogs. If you would like some feedback from me too, do sound it out! Thank you so much and have a great day/night/wherever it is in the world for you right now (: Sending you love xx

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  8. Wonderful story! :-)…so, it wasn’t a dreamless night after all?

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  9. Did the picture come before the words? Either way, they both do each other justice.

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  10. Love it Jacob ❤️

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  11. I loved this. Thank you for sharing.

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  12. Took my breath away.

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  13. Wow! It packs quite a punch.

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  14. Really interesting story. Left me thinking afterwards. I think this is good food for thought and I liked the ending. The only thing I would say is that the woman’s first line of dialogue felt a little abrupt to me. It didn’t quite fit the calm, reflective and intriguing tone of the story and took me out of it a little bit. Otherwise, a nice read. Kudos.

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  15. The end got me, it’s a great

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  16. Fantastic imagery. You breathed more life into the picture. And the open-ending was perfect. — “What the hell is Earth?”

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