Written by Jacob Ibrag

Make me uncomfortable,

wreck my safe space. Break

my perfect nature, show me

how to live. Sheltered by

television dreams. Tear it

all down, wrap me around

reality. I want to be free.

Artist Unknown


19 comments on “Reality

  1. Another amazing piece, Jacob! I love the beginning with discomfort and ending with freedom…so many layers in that from birth to death.

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  2. Amazing! Love it.

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  3. danieljosephengland

    Nicely penned

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  4. We all want to be free… ☺

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  5. Steven Humphreys

    Yes, I believe in Set me FREE!

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  7. brujsims

    How often are we deceived by the illusion offered by the media. We must not dwell in the cave with all its shadows. We must go forth into the light and see the truth for what it is and not take what others say as truth.

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  8. By far my favorite so far. This really spoke to me. I loved it!

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  9. Set your mind free and free you’lol be.

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  10. I love this. Especially the line “Sheltered by television dreams.” I feel like there’s so much truth in this for so many people.

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