Written by Jacob Ibrag

Wrapped in confusion, or am I married to

delusion that everything will  gravitate towards its

right place. Refraining from movement, it’s this belief

that has me stagnant. Self paralysis. It’ll get better, no point

of  lifting a finger. After a while, the water starts coming in

faster, reaching my neck. Yet I’m not in a panic, this was all

meant to happen. Motionless, steady as an old man at an

elderly home. Then it starts creeping into my mouth,

and then my ears. I can’t breathe, I begin to fade.

By the time I realize my mistake, it’s too late.

Forged my own destiny and fate.

Artist Unknown


26 comments on “Belief

  1. So deeply poem

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  2. feeling this one 🙂

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  4. Wow very well written 🙂

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  5. wow. speechless.

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