Written by Jacob Ibrag

What if we’ve already been here before,

like this very moment. As soon as this

fight’s over, it replays. It replays and we

say the same things. We point out each

others weaknesses and state our regrets.

What if we’re missing something. I’m

reading your eyes and you agree. We’ve

been here. Why are we still doing this?

What if we stop right this second. I’ll

start walking one way while you walk

in the opposite direction. And if we

meet again, we’ll write a different

story, one that we’ll want to keep.

Only then will we know if we

were truly meant to be.

Photographer Unknown


24 comments on “Opposite

  1. Wooaah ! Amazingly beautiful .

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  2. Sandeep

    Why isn’t this moment regarded as the ‘truly meant to be’ moment and why should it be some future moment based on chance? Why not stay and understand what has been causing you to repeat something for which you are ready to part away? Why part away and secretly and incessantly hope that you come back to meet again and be certified on your accidental meeting that you were truly meant to be? And, what guarantee that you won’t repeat all that you have always been doing after you happen to be certified that you are truly meant to be?

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  3. Relationship is complicated thing ,let it be any

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  4. Amazingly written 🙂

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  5. wolfsbanepoetry

    Sad and been there!! Beautiful!

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  6. So beautiful. Thank you for that.

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  7. Absolutely beautiful. Wonderfully written.

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  8. I love the way you painted the picture in my mind here … this is very good!

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  9. timelesswheel

    How we wish we could rewrite the story…

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  10. honest and ironic

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  11. I’m trying to be more vocal and active with my other fellow poets, and I have to say. you are absolutely brilliant!!

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  12. That’s deep..👍

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