Written by Jacob Ibrag

Easy. Slow down just a bit. The air is rare in a

place like this. You’re not blind, it’s just pitch black

in here. Can’t move, there isn’t enough space. You

stretch your fingers out to the edges, feeling the oak

that’s taken you in. This is what you wished for, isn’t

it? Twisted promises, he tore your heart into pieces.

It’s been eating away from your existence, thinking

about the girl he’s replaced you with. And now you’re

in the final stretch of the final seconds of your wretched

being. And it hits you in your chest, the fact that he

wasn’t ever worth it. You haven’t even lived. Clench

your fists and shatter this wooden ceiling because

 that’s all it is, a cage to keep you from living. Crawl

through the dirt, shed your old skin. Fill in your

new lungs, breathe out regrets. Lift your self,

 stand. Not six feet under, not yet.

Photographer Unknown


32 comments on “Stand

  1. Brea Viragh

    The photo is so haunting. Combined with your words….great job

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  2. just how do you write so well? :O

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  3. Bad Wolf

    My God, this is wonderful!

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  4. Morgan M Byers


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  5. Getting better with every post 👏👍

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  6. your instagram account is just as good as your blog. Just gave you a follow @sensiblewizard

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  7. This reminds me of Sam Becket’s monologues, especially the last line – its mood of dogged stoicism.

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  8. Am such a fan of you from now.😄

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  9. Absolutely beautiful. The pain and agony comes across so well.
    I can relate very well to the shedding of the skin 🙂

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  10. Beautiful Frank. I love the way you write. The one about your near death experience on that ship still haunts me and stayed with me. Do keep writing:-)

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