Written by Jacob Ibrag

Directing a smile towards the pianist,

the lady in white gently clapped and wished

that he’d keep playing. Obliged, he took a deep

breath and placed his hands upon his instrument.

Each key that his fingers pressed, ever so connected

with her skin. The longer he went on, the deeper she

drowned in his influence. The slower he played, the

faster her knees continued to give away. Barely being

able to stand, she moved closer to the piano and would

lay on it. This was his musical quicksand and she

wanted nothing more than to lose herself in it.

Photography by Dmitry Rogozhkin


38 comments on “Quicksand

  1. Beautiful poem! I love the picture too.

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  2. 🙂 Love love love the idea of musical quicksand. And love the idea she wants to lose herself in it. So glad you wrote this.

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  3. this is beautiful!

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  4. Epic picture lol. To be fair, epic poem. I also loved the shape of it too. Wonderful words depicting the gravitation towards the piano…and the rest. Nice write.

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  5. rafsan musawver


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  6. Brea Viragh

    Beautiful! And where do you get these fabulous pictures?

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  8. Hi Jacob, beautiful poem! One note–here is the image source (http://doublemesh.com/ten-awe-inspiring-fine-art-photography/) that I found and the artist’s works (https://500px.com/d1mancrf). Not sure if you know this (if you do, then that’s awesome) but you can Google search an image (image search, not word search) for other places where the image has shown up and you can search for the artist that way. Hope that helps and again, great work!

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  9. Great imagery. Well done… ☺

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  10. Sweet write, awesome imagery!

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  11. Beautifully crafted!!

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  12. Is this about Lisztomania? Not the album, but the actual Liszt fever over the classical composer haha If not, the author might get a little kick out of the history of that

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  13. Lovely poem with the perfect picture to go with!

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  14. Beautiful poem 😉

    Sabrina 🌞🍓🌹

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