Written by Jacob Ibrag

You fade away a little more every day.

What was, what used to be. Natural smiles

replaced with painted lies. What happened to

us? How did we get here? Avoiding confrontation

till it became our relationship. Years later,

remnants of you linger on. A picture

collecting dust in some corner

of my memory.

Artist Unknown


21 comments on “Memory

  1. Short, True and Sweetly Painful! Most Relationships last forever, Its the LOVE that dies within and then they pretend physically!

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  2. Its natural to fade away with time

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  3. Oh wow – this is absolutely beautiful – painful at the same time. To forget is never easy… Wonderful poetry!

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  4. The what ifs can become painful. I understand and I am sorry that someone has had to fade…don’t lose hope, though! Keep being you and shining. The world needs artists and I appreciate your art. 🙂

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  5. “You fade away a little more everyday…” ~Awwee a sad and haunting piece!

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  6. Thanks for visiting my blog & liking my piece

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  7. Herefordshire Writers


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  8. Wonderfully expressed!

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  9. Your words are very beautiful and soul stirring. love them.

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  10. Really lovely 🙂

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