Written by Jacob Ibrag

I think I hate it most when we’re

silent and several feet apart, occupying

opposite sides of an island that is our couch.

It’s when we’re at each other’s throats that

I know you want to be here as much as I do.

You think I’m sick, I do too. Throw away

this empty peace time nonsense; drag your

nails across my chest. Mark me with the

letters of your name, as I clutch onto your

thighs and ride through the pain. Wasn’t

always this way, used to be vanilla till

you introduced me to your fleeting

masochist tendencies.

Photography by Mike Monaghan


10 comments on “Tendencies

  1. Margaret Baker

    His pain pierces my thoughts.

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  2. Violent sexual behaviour

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  3. , Humans can not live in complete vacuum …..Sometimes even pain reminds one of a life that comfortable numbness does not…….violating intimacy is a shame …..tenderness and repeated affirmations of a love that refuses to hurt perhaps is the answer to masochism ….not sadism….nor an invitation to be a victim of a masochist

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  4. z3ng33kgr7

    I feel or sense the poem is about the inclination someone can feel in desperation to make something better from something unwelcome or uncomfortable…even internal pain. Disconnection led to being connected. People often seek remedies for things they have no idea how to cope or understand other than a basic need or desire…which also can be temporary. From a deeper philosophical perspective – we all face pain in different ways and mask, hide, forget, slap a bandaid, or find something to make it better…it is a temporary fix. This is an reflection of our present social norms were people desperately seek to connect…because in natural ways they may be unable to do so. Not sure if the poem had so much to do with s&m so much as human frailties…and passion. At least this is my take on it.

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  5. Powerfully dramatic … vanilla?

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  6. Lovely. Violently, brutally, lovely.

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  7. Hey, I like your texts, but, I have a question. This texts are just fiction? You write very good, congratulations.

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