They Matter

Written by Jacob Ibrag

Two sides to every truth. The

truth is, everyone loses. Laughter

decimated by nothing fights about

who’s right. Big picture faded until

 there’s nothing left but choice words

you’ll later regret. Hold your tongue

and ask yourself, how important is

this relationship? Does everything

have to hinge on this misstep? Walk

towards the person, tell them that

none of this matters, that you’ll

 figure it out. The truth is, they

matter more than air itself.

Photographer Unknown


30 comments on “They Matter

  1. Super beautifully written. 😊

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  2. Touching and beautiful words.

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  3. This is what I call an awesome write

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  4. revengestar

    not every orc that we date matters

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  5. I missed your words..

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  6. Why did you choose that name. I thought a lot about it before. but I’ve decided right now. eyes.. words.. because my eyes touching to words.. and makes me feel them .. hah? how are u ^^

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  7. So beautiful, touches so deeply

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  8. Wow. So true. Fabulous write!

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  9. Oh man I love this!

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  10. Ego is important

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  11. wonderful post

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  12. Yes, yes the do 🙂

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  13. The last lines are so perfect! Thank you for liking my post!

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  14. Don’t throw away the being for the growth which you both must go through.

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