Written by Jacob Ibrag

Time flows from hand to hand until it slips

forever into a collective stream, unattainable

for reach. We take it for granted in the early

years, ‘I’ve got time’ type of mentality. Well no,

you actually don’t. Cells degenerate every second

 while you drink from the  fountain of youth, or

what little of it remains. Valuing exterior over the

abstract interior. Then one night you wake to an

indescribable pain, you can’t explain it. When

did this happen, why so sudden? Its been

working its way into your system since

the beginning, planning. Waiting.

Artist Unknown

13 comments on “Time

  1. A sad u r

    Perfume poster?

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  2. Sweet, full of imagery.

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  3. Very well stated, and time is being lost, every second of every day, and people often just allow those seconds and minutes to slip through their fingers like sand, and they don’t realize how much time they’d wasted until it’s too late…

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  4. thegirlsawriter

    Very Beautiful!

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