Written by Jacob Ibrag

Big hand on the clock strikes three as she

wakes and slowly wipes her tears away. Eyes

try to adjust to the darkness and yet all she sees

is him and his knuckles. It shouldn’t be like this.

It’s been years since he’s last touched her face. It’s

been years since he’s played with her brain. ‘I’ll always

swim in the depths of your psyche ,’ he’d whisper after

knocking back a few shots of whiskey. Years removed

from the bottom of his heel, and she couldn’t shake the

words that had plagued her ears. ‘Want to go back to the

day before I met him, the moment I decided to settle.

The day before I sold myself to his choke hold, the

second I decided to put on my blindfold.’

Photographer Unknown

24 comments on “Blindfold

  1. Powerful. Conveys the legacy of damage that follows abuse.

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  2. phoenixrisenweb

    I’ll always swim in the depths of your psyche – This is a great line! Awesome work here!

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  3. Blindness amidst clarity…

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  4. Wow, that was well enjoyed.

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  5. Wow. Very intense. Great piece.

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  6. A @ moylomenterprises

    Sad. It’s unfortunate how often this happens. Nicely written. Evokes many emotions. 🌷

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  7. Such depth. Really powerful. Thanks.

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  8. Oh wow – such a powerful write. Amazing job.

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  9. Superb ! I hardly compliment people thinking that I am the best but you’re better than me,keep it up 🙂

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  10. And, because your character never takes off her blindfold, she’ll always be involved with someone who will never stop abusing her, because she refuse to see the truth about the men she dates and her self too!

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  12. Having gotten out of an alcoholic abusive marriage of 17 years, your insight is unnerving. It’s exact. I don’t know how you do it. I admire you work

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  13. z3ng33kgr7

    Hauntingly clear…what the mind does to a heart when broken by the broken.

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