Written by Jacob Ibrag

I remember the time I crossed

the line between our two sides.

Swear it, wanted to stay with you

as long as I could bare it. Lost in

duality. You wanted to change

me. Wanted my face with

your personality.

Photography by Alex Stoddard


15 comments on “Duality

  1. “wanted my face with your personality.” this is such a perfect expression.

    I would love if you gave my blog a look please. I started recently about two months ago and write stories mainly. https://perfectreverieblog.wordpress.com/2016/06/23/note-to-self/
    Please do leave you feedback if you find time 🙂

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  2. cool – there’s no reality in duality

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  3. I like this a lot. We have all been there.

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  4. It’s always hard, to love someone who doesn’t take you as you are, who always tries to change things about you, and that is not how love should be, love should be accepting each other for one another’s flaws as well as good qualities, and sounds like the love you’d described is nowhere NEAR unconditional…

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  6. I love this. So much truth.

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  7. I love this, it’s such a short read but captures the feelings exactly!

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  8. Love this! (lately, I keep looking back to ‘my younger self’) thank you…reminds me to stay true to ‘me’ in the present…(not the past)

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