Written by Jacob Ibrag

Take this key and hold on to it

for a bit. Don’t try to slip it in, maybe

it won’t fit. What if it doesn’t though?

Would that be it? Would you turn away

from this? Certainty is the only door you

have yet to unlock. Maybe you don’t want

to know, maybe this is enough. I swear I’ll

walk eternally blind, if you’ll forever

choose me to be by your side.

Photography by Angela Butler


22 comments on “Enough

  1. z3ng33kgr7


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  2. tajsarah13


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  3. These days its about digital locks ,no keys

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  4. Morgan M Byers


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  5. One can never truly unlock certainty, but what joy it is to walk along, discovering as you go, with the one you love. ♡ I like this, very nice.

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  6. Lovely poem of dedicated love.

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  7. That’s a very sweet poem and thought.

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