Written by Jacob Ibrag

Gave a piece of myself to

you last night, the part that I

liked. The part that I’ve kept my

whole life. Realized that I didn’t

need it, you’ve always been the

piece that’s been missing.

Photographer Unknown


21 comments on “Piece

  1. The picture is stunning

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  2. avid reader

    Love is simply beyond words. As said in Jerry Maguire movie “you complete me”

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  3. The Smiling Pilgrim

    I love how blue is used so many ways in that picture!

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  4. Mercedes Plain

    a really stunning photo..it had me gasping..nice!

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  5. Deep.
    To share ourselves with others means we become vulnerable. It is through this vulnerability we become our authentic selves — no walls, no barriers, just purity.

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  6. hobbyie

    Peace lost 🙂

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  7. The classic love trap – believing that another can complete us – this is the stuff of great fiction.

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  8. Abirami


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  9. lovely pic and poetry

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  10. Sweet, stunning, so much in so few words – really enjoyed it. H xx

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  11. You have an amazing blog 🙂

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