Written by Jacob Ibrag

I took notice of your stare, a fraction of a

second  but I caught it. An inquiring look to see

how I was doing, to see if I was happy. Fraction of a

second, you smiled in the wind, whispering something

I couldn’t hear. Connected to dissect each others grins.

Surviving the void we adopted when we diverged  and

fled. Fraction of a second, reliving our laughs and our

fights. We collided, we said goodbye. Fraction of a

second, enough for now. Enough until it’s not.

Photographer Unknown


23 comments on “Fraction

  1. Ooh lovely. Love how the unspoken can mean so much.

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  2. My Heart Your Shelter

    A beautiful moment

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  3. Simply beautiful. Something I have experienced many times but could never articulate.

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  4. Very beautiful indeed.

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  5. wwwpalfitness

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  6. As a writer, I would be a failure to call myself speechless, but this poem brings me close. Beautiful work.

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  7. stefparr

    I swear, you write about my life.

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  8. stefparr

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  9. avid reader

    I simply loved the play of words. The moment of togetherness before separation. The whole gamut of emotions yet so simply expressed. Mighty words.

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  10. Beautiful! So simply stated yet powerful

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  11. Whenever I see something like ‘photographer unknown’ I feel like it’s my serious job to hunt down the photographer using Image Search on Google xDDD ANyway, I believe the credit is to Lauren Jarvis-Gibson -http://thoughtcatalog.com/lauren-jarvis-gibson/2016/06/to-my-fellow-women-prince-charming-isnt-going-to-save-you/processed-with-vsco-with-a9-preset-4/

    The poem reminded me of childhood friends, how we’ve become so distant

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  12. No wait, I think I am wrong with the credit. LOL! Oh well, I tried xD

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  13. Beautiful, lovely arrangement.

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  14. Captures a moment as well as anything I’ve read. Good writing!

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