Written by Jacob Ibrag

The tide rises as the thought of

giving up leaves her mind entirely.

To fail without trying was worse than

dying. Unwinding her clenched eyes,

she contemplated the rest of her

life. ‘I refuse to hide.’

Photography by lofilolo


23 comments on “Hide

  1. awesome!

    love the ending!

    a brave girl


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  2. I love this poem, it is very inspirational. No one should be afraid to show who they really are, no one should be frightened to go for the things that they want to accomplish. I recently added a poem on my page about self-confidence, check it out when you get the chance and feel free to interact with me and view some of my previous post! 🙂

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  3. Amazing how someone can find the strength to keep going with just a little reflection on the self here…

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  4. Wow! A bold poem indeed! 😀

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  5. Reblogged this on Illuminated Literation and commented:
    I feel this. Reblogged from Eyes + Words.


  6. This is gorgeous! You are a positive force of nature ❤ Thank you for sharing your amazing words.

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  7. Oh brilliant! I love it. Speaks right to me

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