Written by Jacob Ibrag

You died only a few minutes ago. You were crossing the street

when a rogue satellite crash landed onto your body. It was instant,

so at least you didn’t suffer. Not much of a silver lining, yet there it

is. I realize that you’ve gone through certain unfortunate events as

of late, like finding out that at the mere age of twenty one, cancer had

spread through your spine and that time was limited. To prevent pain,

we took you away. We had to let your body go, you have to understand

that the vessel was thoroughly flawed. It wouldn’t have been enough to

last in the new world and what is to come in the next couple of years.

That soul of yours deserves more, a better home. You will be brought

back stronger, unless you would like to stay dead. It would be a waste

to stay here, but I’ll understand. The second option is to go back, not as

yourself. Who you use to be wasn’t enough, but what you will become

is more than anything I could explain. Some will see you as an answer,

others a threat to the way things are. You will be necessary. So

I will ask just this one time, would you like to stay dead?

Artist Unknown


11 comments on “Necessary

  1. Some say zombie is a way of life. Vampirism was a way of a job, but to be dead and stay dead is a statement. Its a form of being.

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  2. Interesting poem! It really shakes up the mundane thinking 🙂

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  3. Phoenix Risen

    “a rogue satellite crash landed onto your body” Nice!!

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  4. it’s how much a difference you’d made in life that weighs heavier, than death itself…

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  5. Wow! Powerful!
    How many of us think they are alive?

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