Written by Jacob Ibrag

Confused by the actions of a few.

Flood of ignorance with no trace of bliss.

Tomorrow eradicated and replaced with twisted

rhetoric. Stolen futures married to violence. And

I’m just lost. I don’t know how to be or what to do.

Should I share my grief all over social media where I

can check off the box that tells my friends I care? Should

I numb my mind in place of political correctness? After

all, tomorrow’s another day for me. But not for them,

the ones that had their bloodshed. I want to cry for

the families that lost a piece of them, but I don’t

have any tears left. Too many tears shed.

Praying for those that have traded their

souls for pipe dreams and illusions.

Photographer Unknown


23 comments on “Confused

  1. This is beautiful…

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  2. Thank you for expressing how so many of us feel. My heart keeps breaking.

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  3. Even in your confusion you portray anguish and helplessness .one feels frustrated and inadequate to deal with such senseless violence.Every voice raised against it is a worthy one.

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  4. The truth, it’ll get worse before it gets better.

    Even more truth, your words, as many or as few of us as they reach, have made a difference.

    Thank you.


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  5. So well stated! Anyone who is aware of the horror can relate perfectly to this.

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  6. You speak the words in my own heart. Thank you.

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  7. None of us know how to be or what to do. And so we turn to poetry. But damn, it’s hard. Every single time.

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  8. Sound like living one of my days?


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  9. Beautifully spoken.

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  11. I wonder the same thing. My heart is heavy and there is no peace, but what if those truly suffering? I cannot even imagine. Wonderful write. My feelings exactly.

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  12. Some of us got lucky and were born in better places than others…safer countries or towns… and the logic of it all leaves me CONFUSED

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  13. Being impacted by things that happened around you is what this is about, and it’s okay that you feel impacted, it’s what’s making you human, as opposed to when you no longer cared at all, it’s better to still feel impacted, than to be indifferent and aloof…

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  14. The daily news has become daily heartbreak. Thank you for sharing and expressing the horror and grief so many us feel. ❀️

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