Written by Jacob Ibrag

Growing distance. Yesterday you told me not

to worry about a thing, that it’ll all piece together.

It’s not what you said, it’s the look you gave. Can’t

explain it. Your eyes took over my balance and I fell

for you all over again. Supplying me with a high that I

swore only you could give. Morning crept in. I try to

bring you closer to my body, to feel your skin upon

mine. Feeling nothing but a cold pillow that hasn’t

been slept on for a while. Me, myself and a letter.

Rushed handwriting, barely dried ink. ‘Can’t

keep lying, need to get away.’ And it’s

strange, feeling this still. Knowing

deep within my bones that

this was coming.

Photographer Unknown


26 comments on “Distance

  1. i wish i would have written it before you did.
    beautiful description, felt it.

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  2. This is fantastic! So Moving…

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  3. As always, you write words that make me feel. ❤

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  4. I really like the line “your eyes took over my balance”

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  5. I love this. Thanks for sharing such beautiful words.

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  6. ❤️Amazing ! I really enjoyed this writing, very relatable as well! Feel free to check out my page and let me know what you think about a poem I shared 🙂

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  7. Bittersweet. Well done

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  8. It takes time, learning to be whole again after you’d relied so much on someone else to make you whole, and breaking up is never easy.

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  9. It sucks when fears we try to deny finally come true.

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  10. I feel so much for this poem 😭💖

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  11. cenellow

    This is so sad. I’ve felt like that before.

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  12. Our mind is packed in a small cranial box…the separation between emotional n logical centers is so little…..how can they be so contradictory…. logic knows its gonna happen…emotions don’t

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  13. One know that it’s oVer. Distance have crept but stupid heart doesn’t want to believe it and we hope that everything is gonna be fine. We keep holDing on to it..

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