Written by Jacob Ibrag

Limb after limb,

he took himself apart

to uninstall his heart.

Didn’t belong to him.

Never did. Bleeding red

for the girl that stole his

breath. ‘Kept it safe till

I found you again.’

Artist Unknown


24 comments on “Found

  1. Intense! 🙂

    Hi welcome to my world of words…


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  2. Intense love nice poem

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  3. The last line speaks of serendipity and destiny to me. Great piece!

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  4. Until I find you again? This reminds me of Davy Jones and Calypso in Pirates of the Caribbean and Will and Elizabeth too, when he asks her to guard the chest with his heart in it, saying it’s always belonged to her. I love this!

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  5. Oh love and what it does do us! Only if it were that easy to ‘uninstall’ our hearts from hurt.
    This is beautiful!

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  6. Very deep but so true!

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  7. emotionalspaces

    A powerful statement about love. Beautiful poetry!

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  8. It’s too sad, that the guy in the story felt the need to disown his heart until he’d found the girl he’d given his heart to back again…

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  9. nice words. i like to own my own heart these days…

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  10. So simple and powerful..

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