Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘Can I keep you?’

She stopped reading

and stared into his mind

through his inquiring eyes.

Brushing his golden brows

 with her decisive fingertips.

‘If you had to ask, then I guess

 I was never yours to have.’

Photographer Unknown


26 comments on “Yours

  1. That’s a headfuck, pardon my French. Makes you wonder what she means. i.e. perhaps there is no such thing as keeping, or there is but if it’s real then you don’t have to ask. It’s a good poem cos it makes you think

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  2. This makes me think, nice piece

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  3. My Heart Your Shelter

    Love your work – honest and clever

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  4. Agreed, I feel as though one shouldn’t have to ask. However, I sometimes ask this, even though I wholeheartedly know the answer is yes. It’s just something I ask to be cute. 😉

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  5. I agree with her response. She is not a pet or a discovered keepsake item from an antic shop. Instead, she’s a person — a human being deserving respect and love. What has he done to prove he is worthy of her? A person of interest needs to be invested in. Take time to get to know the one whom your heart desires. Anyone worth having is worth investing in. No commitment without investment.

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  6. Mind if I share this one?

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  8. Very interesting, love the hint of doubt. It leaves the reader in a question, which begs a thirst for more. Very Good!

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  9. Of course she is not his, because nobody CAN own anybody like that, even IF they are in love, besides, being “owned” by someone is giving up your own rights, and, who is stupid enough to do that???


  10. nicely written. i’ve recently decided to not ask because i feel the same. if you have to ask its not yours…

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  11. Hi I nominated you for the 3 day quote challenge, find more info here: https://inkgirlandwords.wordpress.com/2016/07/31/3day-quote-challenge-day-3/ You don’t have to be part of this if you don’t want though.

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  12. z3ng33kgr7

    No one can belong to another if only to themselves yet there are some who become ‘borrowed’ for a time. When asked – may I keep you? It is expressing a wish aloud and asking consent. No one can truly be kept unless allowed.

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