To Fit

Written by Jacob Ibrag

 Just stop. I don’t care about perfect. I’m a wreck

on my own and won’t be able to appreciate perfection. Not

yet at least, maybe never. No, what I want is someone broken

like me. Not because I won’t be intimidated, or maybe that’s part

of it. I want us to fit, to feel the protruding pieces align and realize

that we had to be this way in order to be together. The heartaches,

betrayals and lies we went through were all worth it because here

we are sharing this moment of realization that it all had purpose.

We’ll look back and know that nothing was wrong with us. That

the past was necessary because here we are sharing each others

space. I don’t know what perfection feels like or is, but

maybe this is it. Maybe it’s the chance for us to fit.

Photography by Anton Belovodchenko


35 comments on “To Fit

  1. Beautifully written.

    We’re all looking for that ‘fit’ of which you speak. Only God is perfect. The best we can do is aspire to be like Him. He loves us in spite of our imperfections so it is now up to us to love each other in the same way.

    We achieve ‘perfection’ when we learn to love the imperfections in others. ☺

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  2. Peter Omienge

    Amazind work.

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  3. Peter Omienge

    Amazing work

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  4. Sanjay M Bhaskar

    This is so beautiful… awesome…

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  5. “No, what I want is someone broken
    like me. Not because I won’t be intimidated, or maybe that’s part
    of it. I want us to fit, to feel the protruding pieces align and realize
    that we had to be this way in order to be together.”


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  6. Incredible

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  7. allboyshuh

    Beautifully written!

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  8. This is beautiful, I love it

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  9. You must be fit first, then, you will surely, find that someone fitting for you to love, because if you are not fixed up properly, you’ll only keep on finding those who are incomplete, and, being with someone who’s not whole, it’s just, not ideal at all!

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  10. Divorced after 27 years of marriage, I have a hard time believing I could ever fit, or that anyone would want to. I’m making the best life alone.

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  11. emotionalspaces

    With broken pieces come opportunity for something new and beautiful. A beautiful poem.

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  12. Highly relatable. This myth of perfection is thrown out of the window in this piece. Thanks for the share.

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  13. samanthaalexiandlovu

    So beautiful and so relatable. Love it

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  15. megtaylor

    Reblogged this on Meg and commented:
    Wow…Just wow!


  16. lemonadeletter

    Beautiful poetry. ❤

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  17. This beautifully expresses what I’m trying to articulate to myself right now. Thanku

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  18. kimelenecarr

    This is wonderful and so true…

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