Written by Jacob Ibrag

You start to get antsy and look towards the exit.  Conversation

was flowing smoothly through texts and Facebook messaging. He

was perfect, quick to respond and witty. Where did he go? Who is

this statue like verbal starfish. Voice so monotone, almost as if he’s

never experienced human communication.  ‘I’ll be right back,’ you tell

him. Walking towards the restroom, you scan the cafe, searching for

answers. People connected with people in the virtual world while losing

trace of physical interaction. They’ve all forgot how to look  into each

other’s eyes and how to trade  simple hellos and goodbyes. Everything is

edited, baring a percentage of what they want their audience to witness.

No longer vulnerable, no longer human. Feeling defeated, you want to

delete this newly acquired awareness. Ignorance was better than this.

Photographer Unknown

19 comments on “Edited

  1. Excellent, Jacob! Your evocative words capture the odd and lonely disconnect in our overly connected world.

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  2. I quite like this one! It is rather ironic that we are more connected than ever and yet not connected to others at all.

    I love irony.

    You capture it well.

    Cheers! ^_^

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  3. As a high school educator, I see this issue exemplified in so many ways – a relationship crisis really.

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  4. Sensitizing.

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  5. This was brilliant share, I like the way the peace grew as it developed. Interesting format, I like the way it read. Thank you for sharing.

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  6. A @ moylomenterprises

    This rings true on so many levels.
    The social media age in which we live has many pluses but what you speak of here is a very real yet sad fact. Authenticity is often replaced by the power to ‘edit’ how we appear to the world.
    You’ve expressed this beautifully! ☺

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  7. That ending is awesome! Wow. Really great poem.

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  8. I’ve always been felt so. You expressed it well.

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  9. Wow, yes. We see this happening more and more. What a shame for our world.

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  10. Divide and conquer. And we thought the internet was our friend!

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