Written by Jacob Ibrag

Running through the forest in the middle

of  the night, he made a sudden stop. This was the

place. Deserted, not hint of life in sight. Grabbing hold of

the telescope, he carefully set it up. Smiling, he was anxious to

get lost in the darkness. Sky so structureless, drawn to curious

solace. He came here every now and then, when things would

get complicated in the days usual shenanigans. ‘What I’d

do to hover in the middle of forever and  count the

stars as my soul further drifts from its vessel.’

Photographer Unknown


18 comments on “Drift

  1. …to get lost in the darkness… loved this line. In so many ways than one darkness is the we light we seek, later in life the light will be shown one way or another

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  2. “Sky so structureless” love this… I feel that way about my soul… Curious vast space to discover

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  3. Very nice poem I like it

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  4. nice poem 😍

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  5. Seeking solitude — Moments alone to disconnect and recharge. Nice ☺👍

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  6. I love this.
    The whole blog has a very unique style that is really attractive❤️
    I would love ur opinion of my posts if u hv the time ❤️

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  7. Flashlight

    Sky so structureless, drawn to curious

    solace. – I relate to this feeling of escaping into the beautiful unknown. I so enjoy your poems.

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