Written by Jacob Ibrag

Shouting from the top of her lungs, she aimed straight

for his soul. Finally closing his eyes in full embrace, he ingested

her flowing energy. Her words, puncturing through the cage that kept

his heart prisoner and locked away.This was it, this was the moment he

would finally let her in. ‘I’m sorry,’ he whispered. ‘For the longest time, I

thought you were like the rest of them. Another soul to use me as a buffer

before finding something better. I never gave you a chance, but you never

stopped. You always stayed close, putting up with my ignorance. I need

you to know that, I’m finally listening. I need you to know that, I’ll never

take us for granted again.’ Placing her fingers upon his cheek, she swore

that she wouldn’t have ever given up on them for anything.

Photographer Unknown



31 comments on “Close

  1. Truly beautiful! I love this.

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  2. It was amazing. Thank you.

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  3. I have all the empathy for the one who did not give up. It is truly hard to be in a place where you see the truth and the other does not. But only he has the equipment to share your vision. The eyes you saw in your dreams 😉

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  4. Aww, how sweet! Sounds like they both have been on quite the journey together.

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  5. *Sigh* I love how sweet and honest this is. I love when poetry captures moments of time. Especially moments of intense vulnerability. Great piece.

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  6. Genuine love doesn’t give up

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  7. Wonderful I like it so much

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  8. This is great!

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  9. Aaaww…
    This is magnificent

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  10. Awwwww…. so sweet! 🙂 ❤

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  11. I loved this. I like the implied story of their relationship and the true love that she had. Well done.

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  12. It takes a lot of courage in never giving up…
    That courage can only b fueled by true love😊

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  13. So sweet! Great piece

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  14. This is just gorgeous. I think I have already told you, but I’ll say it again. The way you write just transports me. Every time.

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