Written by Jacob Ibrag

Looking over her

shoulder, she found him

staring at her. ‘What’s on your

mind?’ She asked. ‘Even through

the fog, I still see you. Even

through the fog, you’re

clear as day.’

Photography by lacafeine


26 comments on “You

  1. anushisreal

    I love this.

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  2. z3ng33kgr7


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  3. Awesome trinket! Love the pic! We must be thinking alike:)


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  4. thefeatheredsleep

    definitely one of my favorites love the accompanying picture also

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  5. wwwpalfitness

    Reblogged this on wwwpalfitness.


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  7. emotionalspaces

    Intimately and beautifully written.

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  8. this is beautiful. so direct and it evokes feelings…

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  9. The imagery in this one is very striking, love it

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  10. Sight, within a blind minds eye…

    i agree, and love this piece also!



    i’ve just had a strange thought, would believe we’re part a new form o poetry?

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