Written by Jacob Ibrag

I’ll always love you, but you

have to earn the right for me to like

you. It’s what you did, and how you

tried to hide it. You beg forgiveness.

Truth is I need you to suffer. Wash

through my fire, wash out the lies.

Photography by Ruby James


23 comments on “Wash

  1. lemonadeletter

    “Truth is I need you to suffer.”
    Wow, I can’t tell what makes it so, but that is a powerful line. Probably because, when I read ‘truth is’, I expected something different, something more meek or weary.
    That’s my favorite line. I love your poetry!

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  2. truth is i myself need to suffer…great poem

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  3. Amazing piece of poetry

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  4. This poem perfectly describes a situation I’m in right now, so I can relate! “It’s what you did and how you tried to hide it”, why do people do stupid things and lie about them to the people who care about them the most?

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  5. To suffer within a living lie…

    Beautiful post…


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  6. Mark Ryan

    Great piece. The cleansing wash of the soul.

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  7. Forgiveness is the best thing according to me..

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  8. Because you may have loved the person too much, and after s/he betrayed you, you just, want the person to SUFFER for what s/he did to you, I can totally relate!!!

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  9. Wonderful! great work.

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  10. “Truth is i need you to suffer”…. to what extent? really great piece, a lot can relate.

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  12. emotionalspaces

    Suffering often leads to wisdom. I love the juxtaposition between love and like here. Great writing.

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