Written by Jacob Ibrag

I like people watching when they aren’t paying attention

too much of anything. They have this emptiness in their eyes

because they aren’t looking out, rather inside. Sometimes they’d

whisper to themselves little reminders of things they wouldn’t

want to forget. Maybe it’s a song that touched them someway or

a person they saw that captured their hearts if only for a second.

Sometimes all they want to do is forget, so they take a moment to

erase what they just heard or witnessed. Their faces remain the

same, as if they ‘re watching television without actually looking.

White stagnant noise with hollowing purpose. Soulless, a shell

of their former self. They come back,  eventually. Before then,

I stand still while staring at them stare at nothing.

Photographer Unknown


35 comments on “Watching

  1. Nice poem, perceptive and true.

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  2. Such observations! Beautifully written 🙂

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  3. Beautiful poem, well written.

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  4. So beautiful. I love how you capture the mundane so perfectly and in sorts quite romantically.

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  5. Wonderfully beautiful.

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  6. Oh that one good poem!!

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  7. I stand still while staring at them stare at nothing.

    Powerful message and i respect your pen.

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  9. Lovely and true.

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  10. My Heart Your Shelter

    Very good. So the eyes are a two way mirror to the soul 🙂

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  11. Great Poem. Unfortunately when I tried to go to your web page my security software put up a warning page blocking me and saying it was at rick. You might want to contact WordPress to see what is going on.

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  12. timelesswheel

    Beautiful!! Empty eyes 😨

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  13. the art, of people-watching…I sometimes enjoy it too, but depending on who i am observing, mostly…

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  14. Beautifully written! A simple yet complex truth

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  15. Sophia R. Byron

    Life lesson: weird people always have an interesting story to tell

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  16. Robert Paulson

    That chick is hot.

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