Written by Jacob Ibrag

It poured a little harder today. Dad peaked his head out the window and asked

if I wanted to go for a jog. Didn’t really surprise me, he had a thing for rain and

becoming in sync with it. ‘Sure, lets go.’ He’s a closed off type of guy, the kind that

doesn’t like to use many words. Days like this though, something in him changes.

He’s a different person. Running against the concrete pavement, he tilted his head

towards the sky and took it all in.  ‘I was about your age when my father died. I had

just finished my service in the army when your uncle called and broke the news.

Without hesitation, I began organizing the funeral arrangements. Emotion had to

wait.  After the funeral, I waited until everyone had left so I could finally be alone

with him. I remember wanting to be strong like he was, so I just stared. I stared

until I couldn’t hold it anymore, and so I fell to my knees and cried. And as I did,

it began to rain like this. I wanted to tell him that I loved him. I wanted to tell

him that he was going to be a grandfather. I needed to tell him that I was proud

of his heart and soul.’ Smiling, I hugged him tight and whispered, ‘dad I want

you to know that I love you. I can’t wait for to be a grandfather someday,

and I need you to know that I am proud of your heart and your soul.’

Photography by Alex Stoddard


25 comments on “Rain

  1. Deep and touching! leaves a very important message…

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  2. Touching! We write and read many things about mom and daughter relation but this is the first time that I can feel the strong invisible bond of dad and son’s love! Appreciate your writing!

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  3. Really touching! Beautifully written✨✨

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  4. Lovely Jacob . Touchy n connecting!

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  5. Very heart felt! I instantly fell in love. I could almost feel the rainβ™₯☺

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  6. Loved the reply.

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  7. Powerful and it such an inspiration πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  8. What an amazing story-poem! Just wonderful.

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  9. An amazing story, and that just shows, how sometimes people need a reminder, to get them out of their regular mindset to start changing their behaviors, in this case, showing love to someone you loved.

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  10. flashlight batteries

    Grief and opportunity for love shared beautifully.

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  11. Had a lump in my throat while reading this.

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  12. It was a story, it was poetry.
    It was poetic.
    What a tender reflection it caused in me.
    Great work, my friend.

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  13. Beautiful picture πŸ˜„

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