Written by Jacob Ibrag

Dry mouth, high altitude.

Two cliffs separated by an emptiness.

A voice from the void makes its way into her

ear, ‘jump with eyes wide open or turn around and

descend.’ Kicking a rock in frustration, she takes a few

steps back from the deathly edge. Doubt begins to crawl into

her skin, as it carves into her lungs, begging for her to give in.

Driven with purpose, she invites the budding adrenaline. Staring

at the horizon, as it infects her toes, legs and eventually her

vision. Breathing heavier, she begins to run. Faster and

faster, until she finally reaches the end. Eyes wide

shut, she lifts off the edge. Ready for

the good and repercussion.

Photography by Hattie Watson


17 comments on “Edge

  1. Love this one

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  2. Captivating I like it

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love the imagery and personification

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  4. All your posts are beautiful, how can you write so beautifully?
    Can you share with us writing tips, so we can come up with gems?!

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  5. This is beautiful!…. Tells a deep story.
    Your words make you feel as if you are falling right along with her.
    Your Literary Devices are beautiful as always!

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  6. I love your style of poetry! It’s different and inspiring.

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  7. Yeah,can’t help but turns out to be intoxicating

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  8. joejackson

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