Written by Jacob Ibrag

Hearts break

creating spaces in

between the cracks.

Time mends everything

except certain crevices.

Forever still, till other

broken pieces fill

in its emptiness.

Not  fixed, nor


Photographer Unknown


26 comments on “Hearts

  1. Wow beautiful, i can relate,

    as more broken pieces continue

    to cover over my last discarded broken pieces…


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  2. Too real. But that’s poetry. Beautiful pain. Thank you.

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  3. this reminds me of that Japanese craft where they take a broken china pot and piece it back together with gold between the cracks. The name escapes me. Japosparklecrackle?
    Nope thats definitely not it.
    Alas, I’m too lazy to google it.
    BEautiful poem by the way Jacob.

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  4. I’ve been there. Great piece – thanks..

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  5. Nice poem, Jacob. I like that you know the Japanese art style (?) that doubtpuppet mentioned. Very cool!

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  6. emotionalspaces

    Those shards still cut when we try to hook them from the crevices. A beautiful piece.

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  7. gorgeous piece..would you mind checking out my blog. Im new to this x

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