Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘How much for the box on the left?’

The dimensions made sense, and yet she

couldn’t help but feel utterly claustrophobic.

Nothing would ever contain the emotion she

had for him. In three days, she’d see his smile

for the last time for at least three years. She

placed her heart in the box and handed it

over to him, ‘this is all I have left to give.

It’s always been yours, take care of it.’

Photographer Unknown


38 comments on “Always

  1. Wow! So beautiful, tender and amazing!

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  2. Find a girl like this. I hope everything is still going well for them.


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  3. You have a nice way with words great post

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  4. Just a few words can say more than a full book! Amazing!!

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  5. Wonderful indeed!

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  6. Beautiful and deep.

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  7. Beautifully written,

    within an honest loving trust!

    hugs & kisses chris

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  8. Handing someone your heart and soul is as if, you are handing your life over. I was once a fool like that, thinking we were really going to hit it off.

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  9. Why must you give feels like this?

    Beautiful poem.

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  10. Navasurya

    Wow.. Excellent poem..well written.. And I would also like to thank you for liking my blog.. I would like to say that your site is also brilliant and I do follow it.. Anyways. Thanks a lot.. And keep it up..

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  11. You are a genius with words. Beautiful poetry.

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  12. It’s really dangerous for someone to give out her heart to someone who isn’t at all aware of how she feels, don’t you think…

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  13. sadieeliza

    Love this!

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  14. Some words express the best ….and thats what it is…….your words are really expressive ……amazing…loved reading it……😊😊😊😊

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