Written by Jacob Ibrag

I was seconds away from meeting my maker. The man in the

pink mask didn’t say a word, he didn’t need to. I didn’t want to hear

the voice of my deliverer. Bullets are meant to exit their chamber, and

his purpose was to lift my soul to the heavens. Spreading my arms open,

I let out a laugh. This vessel carried me through thick and thin, it’s job was

nearly finished. As I prepared for the blow, the ice cold muzzle slipped away

from my skull. He dropped the gun and took off the mask. He was a she, and

she was my love. Grabbing the gun off the floor, I gave it back to her and

guided her hands towards my heart. Adrenaline reunited us. We kissed

as I helped her pull the trigger. The bullet left its home and found a

new one. Gone. As my eyes closed, they reopened once more.

This time I wasn’t dreaming. Turning to my left, there she

was sleeping. ‘Last night I caught you, cheating.’

Photographer Unknown


35 comments on “Caught

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  2. Wooooah! You’re a great writer

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  3. Jaw dropping * brilliantly written! gorgeous devastation!

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  4. sadieeliza

    This was powerful. Great write and great read!

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  5. sadieeliza

    Very cool! Keep writing!

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  6. Such powerful expressions!! Great!! πŸ‘

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  7. WOW. I just read this one and loved it. Looking forward to more from you. Thank you for sharing.

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  8. Beautifully illustrated within a mysterious ending..

    cheers chris

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  9. definetodayblog

    Nice poem! The rhyme at the end ties in the whole ending.

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  11. Being cheated on surely DOES feel like getting SHOT, doesn’t it? You’d created this lively imagery for me…

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  12. Beautifully written!

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  13. Wow. You are blessed with words.

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  14. That was a roller coaster ride. Very good!

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  15. This poem is fascinating. The story could be about him cheating or about her cheating; both scenarios equal his demise.

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