Written by Jacob Ibrag

Thought I knew what

you wanted till you walked

through our doorway. Never

saw you again, even after you

swore we’d stay friends. All I

have left is your name and a

fading image of your face.

Photographer Unknown


23 comments on “Fading

  1. Eyes + Words

    Hey, so everything in the Poetry section of the website has been written by me. I try to write everyday so I’m always searching the web for photography and paintings to couple with the pieces. Feel free to email your art, I would love to try to work them together with poetry or quotes I find, eyespluswords@gmail.com

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  2. Love the image you chose for your words. Great fit!

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  3. As do memories do fade..

    Nicely written!


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  4. Nice piece of art. Kudos

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  5. Lantern Diary Writer

    I like your work a lot!

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  6. Beautifully written. .

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  7. That’s just how sometimes love goes, you fail to realize what you have until it’s too long gone and then you want it back again, but you won’t be able to get it back again…

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  8. Hit me hard!
    Wonderful choice of words and flow that match the loss in the poem.

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