Written by Jacob Ibrag

Children know the truth. Just listen, you’ll

hear them ask questions about the universe.They’d

stare at the stars in awe, telling us that we don’t belong

here, that this place is just temporary. We’d nod, pretending

to listen. Ignoring their young voices, blinded by cellular screens

and green paper currency. Trading in obsolete seconds for selfies,

selfishly crying for attention. The kids are alright till we introduce

them to tools of instant gratification. Sparks of light drawn out

from their eyes as they’d slowly get adopted into the Netflix

and chill nation. Countless trains of thought erased by the

next episode of another new season. The truth gets

 lost in translation, broken through cheap

thrills and procrastination.

Photographer Unknown


40 comments on “Instant

  1. This one is so true! When a visit with some one is taken up with the flicking of the thumbs, there is little of substance that can be had!

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  2. Great poem, with a great message.

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  3. This is so significant for today. There is a lot being lost in this generation coming up, I hope they prosper despite their setting.

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  4. I’m a huge fan of this one!

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  5. So true, well written!…and they lose sense of wonder and the need to know!

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  6. Love it, so much

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  7. Your words and all poetry are the salvation from such a horrid happening.

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  8. Spot on! I worry about my almost two-year-old son growing up in this digital, instant gratification world.

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  9. Amazing how much technology people can handle but they don’t know the difference between there, their, and they’re!

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  10. Beautiful so true….so much gets lost with the youth

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  11. Quite an instant of a lifetime!!

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  12. Amazing piece…loved your blog. Would like to read more from you:)

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  13. Just wanted to say that this was incredibly well written and I’m terribly sorry for not following you before and thank you for the support on my blog!

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  14. It is very true of what you share. I could witness that at home, at work, and everywhere! I wish all the parents can hear that…… Thank you for liking my new post.

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  15. ashleydeenblog

    I love this one

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  16. Thank you for this.

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  17. Reblogged this on The Greatest Adventure of All and commented:
    “The truth gets lost in translation, broke through cheap thrills and procrastination.”… I feel this in the very depths of my being. It is heartbreaking to think that the next generation will not know a world without phones. They won’t be taught that hard work is what makes things worth having and that the longer the waiting the sweet the kiss. They won’t be taught that for everything there is a season, because they can have everything right now…

    Please enjoy and reflect on my fellow writer’s words and thoughts.

    ~ Cordelia Caelum

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  18. Really really awesome one 🙂

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