Written by Jacob Ibrag

You stare at a shooting star

as it consumes your attention.

Moments away from exploding,

you make a wish while it’s still in

your peripheral. Forever gone,

floating in oblivion. Gravity goes

fishing, catching and releasing.

You wake up to a familiar taste

on your lips. ‘It’s always been

you, my reason to exist.’

Photographer Unknown


17 comments on “Taste

  1. Conclusion line is so lovely.. Thanks for this great post..

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  2. Love it! Thanks for sharing!
    xx Rowena

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  3. Really love this piece, has such a nice flow too it! 🙂

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  4. I mentioned this blog on my most recent post as inspiration, i hope you dont mind:)

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  5. This is extremely beautiful ! I love this .

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  6. I so loved this one. Beauty. 😇😇

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  8. emotionalspaces

    Yes! It is wonderful to dream of the one already wrapped around your heart.

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