Written by Jacob Ibrag

If you could go back and change one thing, what would it be?

That promise you couldn’t keep? Maybe with your current state of

mind, you’ll keep it this time. That heart you broke? Maybe it’ll be easier

if you never met her. Those tears you caused? Maybe you’ll think twice.

Truth is, you can’t ever go back. The past will always be there, staring at

you from a distance. You can’t change what’s already been. The only way

to move forward from whatever is holding you back is by confronting it.

It’s uncomfortable and you might feel utterly hopeless in even considering

it. That’s exactly how it should be. It should never be easy, you have to earn

the right to live free. Free from guilt that you collected. Free from the words

that slipped without you thinking. They might think your selfish for trying

to garnish closure, and that’s alright. Give them a chance to hate you in front

 of you and not in their own minds. Give them a chance to destroy who you

used to be. Let them liberate you as will for them. If you could go back

and change one thing, reject it. Embrace the human condition.

Photographer Unknown


43 comments on “Condition

  1. Wow this is very good! thanks for sharing.

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  2. I SO needed to read this! Now…to LIVE it.

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  3. That was deep and true!
    I love when you said give the a chance to destroy who you use to be. And how we respond them hating will let us know if we have changed or not.

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  4. Excellent share 👏👏👏❤

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  5. As deep as ocean. 👍

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  6. I love this greatly.

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  7. Nicely done Jacob, wonderful message

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  8. Very good! To go back to a place you cannot change is to be imprisoned by the past.

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  9. Beautiful message that’s very true.

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  10. So so so true that “you have to earn the right to live free”. We don’t want to admit that. We want it to be easy. But if we don’t do the hard work, freedom will always be a hologram.

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  11. I love the fact that you have enumerated series of options and how one could possibly change it; but at the same time in the end you redeem it by saying..just leave it behind

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  12. This is beautiful!😍

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  13. This is simply amazing and profound!😍 My morning is going to go well!

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  14. So damn true. What a read!

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  15. Thank you for sharing. Great thinking and great words. Yes, I wouldn’t go back to change anything. Whatever happened was series of happening that brought me to where I am. I am grateful of where I am, so I wouldn’t change even the worse of my past moment. Thanks for stopping by and like my new post. 🙂

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  16. Great poem right there, thought I’d add my little thought in a haiku:

    Powerful words sing
    for thought provoking issues
    are always near, darling

    Thanks for following my blog, by the way – looking forward to seeing more 🙂

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  17. Amazing is an understatement

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  18. So authentically beautiful!

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