Written by Jacob Ibrag

I’ve been sitting here for a while. Thinking about

 all the facts I’ve acquired in my short little life. There’s

only one that keeps me painting these lungs with oxygen.

You. You’re all I know, the rest is arbitrary. You aren’t even

in my peripheral, and I have no idea what’s your name and

that’s perfectly ok. People get high off the wrong supply in

hopes to fill what’s missing. Searching their lives with half

a mind to find their own equivalent. I’ve never needed to

do that. Somehow I know your out there, smiling at a bad

joke your friend just shared. Even if we’re physically apart,

I can’t really feel the distance. You’re all I know and in

the end, that is enough. That is everything.

Photographer Unknown


18 comments on “Everything

  1. Delightful poetry, you wonderfully poetic soul! Cheers! ^_^

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  2. The one love that breathes life into our souls…beautiful.

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  3. irenehalpinlong

    “Painting these lungs with oxygen” – love that part

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  4. Beauty✊💕 that was really deep

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  5. neonworms62


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  6. Really love this piece, great job!

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  7. This is perfect! It’s like reading my mind 😊

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  9. Beautiful. It’s just so last lovely to read you posts.

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