Written by Jacob Ibrag

I wish I knew what

you were thinking. We used

to have moments when our minds

would collide and our thoughts would

converge into a single stream. Everything

made sense, the worlds secrets were ours. Yet

none of them mattered because we had one

another. Used to think we still did. All

we have now are traded stares and

confusion. I wish I knew what

you were thinking.

Photographer Unknown


39 comments on “Wish

  1. I know, right? I wish I know what he was thinking.

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  2. Spectacular!! Mind Blowing!!β˜ΊπŸ‘ What more adjectives can I use?

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  3. One question if you could answer that! May I?

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  4. Evocative… I’ve been there

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  5. Strange how something’s just match what strangers are feeling. Far yet they are near as somewhere strangers are going thru the same feelings.
    I am almost feeling what u have written.

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  6. emotionalspaces

    Sigh! So wistful.
    You write pain so beautifully. This one broke me down.

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  7. Carla Griffin

    Well said!

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  8. Thanks, well written!

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  9. Thinking within a dream..

    LOve it…


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  10. So much intense…in your writing pieces☺ by the way wonderfully written

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  11. sounds as though the characters are drifting apart, and this still didn’t happen overnight, something must’ve happened between them, to cause this separation of their state of minds…very well written indeed.

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  12. Both the photo and the poem

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  13. DefinitelyNisha

    So beautiful

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  15. This poem is amazing!
    I have experienced something similar in my life and this describes it perfectly.
    I also love how the sentences are perfectly lined up so they make a half-circle!

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  16. Yes! I wish I knew what he was thinking. However, we were separated by distance.

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