Written by Jacob Ibrag

You tried walking through walls for

eternity. Failed to grasp your own reality.

Let go of that choke hold around your neck.

Release control while you still can. Ease those

shoulders, witness doubt dissipate. Everything

gravitates towards its right place, eventually.

Photography by Cora Edwards


18 comments on “Doubt

  1. Passionately written..


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  2. ericstone51

    when eventually has an end in sight the gravitational pull seems to quicken and is strongest and no control is…all there is, all there ever was. Great post..thanks

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  3. lemonadeletter

    “ease those shoulders” ❤ 🙂

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  4. Love this! I look forward to your poems everyday!

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  5. Wonderfully written! Thanks for making me feel every word.

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  6. This is really inspiring

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  7. flashlight batteries

    Everything gravitates towards its right place, eventually. – Let go, it will all work itself out. I like the comfort in this poem.

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