Written by Jacob Ibrag

My heart is devouring itself as we

speak. Tomorrow is getting harder to picture

knowing that her smile will fade from my mind,

eventually. Imagination only goes so far, yet not as

far away as she will be. Take me to five minutes ago

when she looked into my eyes and said she’ll never

forget about the times we’ve had. Take me to five

days ago when we promised each other our ring

fingers. Take me to five months ago when I

got the courage to say hi. Goodbye.

Photography by Lulu Lovering

53 comments on “Goodbye

  1. This model and photographer is Lulu Lovering. She is a friend and neighbor of mine. Look her up. She may not have taken this photo, but that was her original thing, photographing herself. It certainly looks like one of the pieces she would compose for herself. Xo

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  2. julioccarlos

    WOW. The feels got me.

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  3. hummingbird02

    Beautiful !

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  4. This is so beautiful

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  5. Hélène

    Poignant rendering.

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  6. RhealityTV

    Wow!!! The feels!!! Love it

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  7. aquadreaming

    Precisely describes my current situation. How refreshingly beautiful.

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  8. it’s usually hard for me to get this kind of feeling out on the page. First, I’m sorry for your loss of the relationship, and second, I liked the way this came out. All the best. ~DM

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  9. Wow, beautiful words. Very moving! And amazing photo to go with it too, it completes the piece.

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  10. Hello, good-bye,

    you’ve got to hate that when it happens..


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  11. What a beautiful poem. Feelings well expressed.

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  12. newlovenewworld

    Love β™₯️

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  13. Dontworrybehappy

    Helloooooooo my dear πŸ˜†

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  14. Pingkan Gabriella


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  16. Captured meπŸ˜‘

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  17. This broke my heart. Beautiful.

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  18. Picture and words completely match my life right now. Just change ‘her’ for ‘him’.

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  20. I love everything about this.

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  22. Beautiful. Thank you for the heartfelt words πŸ™‚ ❀

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  23. So expressive – so sensitive – so sad. Just beautiful.

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  24. Eiirianwenn

    Thanks so much for helping the words buried deep down in my heart to resurface. These lines awoke in me emotions which I try not to feel but damn you! And yet, thanks you. ☺

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