Written by Jacob Ibrag

Time stood still as soon as she appeared out of thin

 air. Dropping his favorite flavored ice cream to the ground,

the boy was struck with paralysis. Looking over her shoulder, she

 finally turned around to address him. As she began to walk, a bolt of

lightening would follow after each of her steps. He had just celebrated

his ninth birthday and yet he had discovered the true embodiment of a

word older people pretended to understand almost immediately; love.

 Fighting to compose himself, he tried to say anything so she wouldn’t

leave. Yet before he could make a noise, the brown eyed girl touched his

face and disappeared instantly. Stealing the boys future, his next twenty

years were almost a blur. When his eyes were closed, all he saw was her.

Depression would seep into his soul as he grew older. Forever obsessed

 with the vanishing girls touch, it was the last thing he pictured when his

heart had given up. Waking up into another place, he realized that he

wasn’t the old man from yesterday. He was a kid again with a familiar

 touch upon his skin. It was her, the girl that had disappeared. Before

he could make a sound, she handed him his favorite flavored ice

cream and whispered, ‘I guess we’re finally even now.’

Photographer Unknown



38 comments on “Touch

  1. I really loved this. Emotion tied with some elements of fantasy and the fantastic. Very gripping.

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  2. Excellent piece.

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  3. I really gushed over this one. Absolutely loved it. So much emotion from the nine-year-old discovering love than losing it and losing his life–so to speak–because of it. Then finding himself again. Such beauty.

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  4. Behind perfection in this piece

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  5. Wow. Loved this lots. I didn’t see that ending coming at all; it was haunting and forced another couple reads to really appreciate the essence. Well done.

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  6. so beautiful!! I Loved it!

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  7. Deliberately breathy to the last word. Loved it!

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  8. The words seeped, right through my eyes, into my heart. I was touched!

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  9. I love the twist of this poem. It gives me such a beautiful essence of love, and goodbyes. Thank you for such great imagery. 🙂

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  10. Beautifully written!


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  11. Beautiful! I wish I could say more but it’s simply beautiful. Well done!

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  12. Amazing piece Jacob!

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  13. This is beautiful and fantastically emotional

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  14. Captivating! Loved it!

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  15. Had to reread over and over.. It ended well.
    Beautiful piece.. It took me back it time. Days of being afraid of the pretty little ones and starting conversations when I was a pretty little one. 👌

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