Self Love

Written by Nadira Shirlonna

I take it all in,

my cellulite, my stretch marks,

my flabby parts. I take it all in, the

numbers on the scale, my graying hair,

my pale skin. I take it all in, my crooked

teeth, my worsening sight, my hooded

lids. I stand by the mirror, I’m looking

at me, my reflection isn’t perfect,

but I take it all in.

Photographer Unknown


11 comments on “Self Love

  1. I love your work

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  2. As we age .. We age with grace .. Or try

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  3. Ha this is me every minus the grey hair a d hooded lids. Great read

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  4. Very relevant for an old chap like me who does not recognize himself in the mirror in the morning. Still new to the blogging scene myself, but this struck me unexpectedly, and thank you. I guess that’s what it’s all about without being overly simplistic hopefully.

    Cheers and thank you for liking some of my stuff too 😀


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  5. This is so powerful! Deep and true. Thank you.

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  6. Self acceptance is the first step of self love

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  7. Amazing! Would love some feedback on my first 2 content pieces ‘a change for the better’ and ‘look at me now’ 😊

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