Written by Jacob Ibrag

It’s only when we know

what we need that we’re free to

do what we want. Yet what if we

don’t want anything? Then there

isn’t any reason to need.We must

always want the need to breathe.

Photography by David Uzochukwu


7 comments on “Need

  1. J. H. Davis

    Hey. I just wanted to say, your words really speak to me! They make me want to take flight! Indeed, my flight is booked, and I’m on my way this very minute to free all these women you’ve been photographing from your tasteful distasteful clutch. See you soon!

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  3. The magick is knowing the wants from what the needs are, then turning wants into the needs…

    Removing the greed..


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  4. But, breathing comes naturally to us, it’s not something that we need to actively, consciously tell ourselves to do…

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  5. Ibrahim Abdullah

    Sublime, my friend. Relatable and sublime. ❤

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    • Ibrahim Abdullah

      Entertain this thought of mine, if you please: What should one do, when one knows what one is desired and destined to do but the shackles of society don’t allow him the freedom that he so yearningly yearns for?

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      • I guess he should try to understand the reasons as to why his freedom is being limited. It’s only when when we can fully grasp opposing ideologies that dialogue can be had.

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