Written by Jacob Ibrag

Lick your wounds, never count your

scars. More will come to those who stall.

Get up, move beyond the physical. Fractured,

you’re trapped in a corner. Claw your way out of

this hole you currently call home. This will redefine

tomorrow. You were born for these seconds. Failure

has known this soul for countless generations. It all

matters now. The next move. The next word. The

next step. Replace the paradigm. Let the change

alter your veins.Wake up shifted. Amnesia

laced jest. You finally understand.

Photographer Unknown


31 comments on “Understand

  1. ‘Failure has known this soul for countless generations’ – I love this line, so true! I love your poetry, this one so thought provoking.

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  2. Powerful thoughts, indeed. Some startling lines. Love it. Change means we are still alive. We actually need to understand that.

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  3. Wow, “Never count your scars” and “More will come to those who stall”, those lines are so true and inspiring and probably apply to so many people. Counting your scars would only make you more aware of how many times you have been hurt and ignoring them will likely weigh you down and hurt even more.

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  4. Great words of encouragement! Thanks!

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  5. Words to live by. A morning affirmation, to break the “stall”, and build a push, a push toward seeing outside oneself. Nicely done, a welcome morning read. Thank you. I’m grateful you chose to “like” “To Be”, it brought me to your words this morning.

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  6. Interesting read!


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  7. I needed this poem today.
    I quit smoking marijuana this week, and I’m seeing the world as very raw. Everything that stresses me and gives me pain(I have fibromyalgia) is present, and these stressors that you’re writing about have been heavy on my mind. You said it, though.
    The four of swords has been at the top of my deck, but I don’t feel like being trapped in a corner anymore, I can’t take it. It’s worse than the pain.
    This was the thing I needed, thank you.

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  10. wonderful…nice work

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  11. Judi Risser

    Beautiful poetry, so inspiring!

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  12. “Wake up shifted.” Since I hope to be altered each day because that’s another day to learn, I do hope to wake up shifted, even if just a little, each day. Wonderful poem.

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  13. Beautiful piece to make you understand that you’re here to contest rather than to lament !!

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