Written by Jacob Ibrag

As the room spun faster in speed,

bodies began to collapse almost immediately.

None of us wanted to be here, the seven were the

first to be volunteered. The idea was that the longer

you stayed in the room, the sooner you’d lose your sense

of identity. For a subject to forget its purpose would render

them ideal for manipulation. By emptying out a vessel, a new

core of beliefs and orders could be filled. Six became the frontier

for human hacking. I wasn’t one of them. The angrier the speed

 of this room became, the more consistent the voice in my mind

remained. I know exactly who I am and that can’t ever be

taken. This marked the beginning of the resistance.

Photography by David Uzochukwu


23 comments on “Resistance

  1. Got me thinking… The anti-dote to our culture unknowingly manipulating us is to remain grounded in our core beliefs, while at the same time not allowing ourselves to stagnate in developing our identity.

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  2. Reveal/

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  3. wonderful…keep it up

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  4. “I know exactly who I am” – how many of us can say that.

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  5. This reminds me of Human Trafficking. I have worked with survivors and this, is truth

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  6. Excellent work again Jacob

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  7. This sounds like a teaser!

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  8. Hi, Jacob! I’ve given you the Blogger Recognition Award! See: https://newsnotes1.wordpress.com/2016/09/29/blogger-recognition-award/

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  10. Well constructed. How many of us know who we are and can resist?

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  11. Judi Risser

    Awesome…truly awesome!

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  12. To know, whom we are is a would be, belief in reality!


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